Thursday, August 15, 2013

Basics :: Wallis Competition

I'm participating in another Wallis competition! This time, it's focused on showcasing the best "transitional style" from summer to fall. I chose this black blazer, since no matter what season, a black blazer is always a good choice. While last summer, I was all about pretty dresses and frilly skirts, this summer I found myself dressing more laid back. Denim cut-offs became my go-to staple, which I like dressing up with some sky high wedges and a blazer. Blazers (even in black!) can definitely work for summer, by keeping everything else fresh and light.

I'd be so so grateful if you could vote for me in the Wallis Competition here!

Stay tuned for my second outfit featuring this blazer in a look for Fall!!

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Blazer// c/o Wallis
Shirt// Club Monaco
Shorts//Abercrombie (DIY)


  1. very pretty outfit, stylish yet fun

  2. Great look! I adore shorts with blazers!

  3. Very stylish
    Loved your blog,
    I'm following your can and follow me.
    My fan page is at low LookBook
    Kisses ♥


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