Friday, August 31, 2012

Peplum & Distressed Denim

I've been wearing shorts and dresses almost every day for....practically the whole summer. So I thought I'd change it up and wear some jeans (even though it's still ridiculously hot!). Though the daytime is almost unbearable, at least the evenings and nights are super nice and comfortable!

Hope you all have a nice labor day weekend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Revelri√© showroom to preview their fall 2012 sweater collection. Nestled in the Fashion District of Downtown LA, the showroom was a sweater wonderland containing pieces that would fit all trends and lifestyles.
The designer, Sonya Trejo, was so amazing and inspiring as she told me about the inspiration behind her line, the fabrics, and the overall feel she was going for in designing the line. A self-described dreamer, Sonya had a story behind each and every sweater and was so excited about each and every piece, that it was impossible for me not to be excited too!

The sweaters themselves range from prim and proper, with a 60's mod flare to very slouchy with a boho vibe.  Even though the range isn't huge, each piece serves its own purpose and definitely has its own personality. These are definitely sweaters that you can dress up or down, which is amazing for those of us with a busy lifestyle, who want to look great but don't have lots of time.  Made of fine Italian yarns, angora, and alpaca from Peru, the sweaters are just as soft and comfy as they are stylish. Sonya was super enthusiastic about the materials and it was so great to hear her explain the aesthetics of each material she uses and why she likes them. Her knowledge on yarns is mind-blowing and she's definitely an alpaca expert!

The colors used in the line are very neutral hues, with pops of primary colors here and there in some of the pieces. While the colors are very trendy for fall, I think they would work in any time, in any season. These definitely aren't sweaters that you just wear for one season, which Sonya said, was her intention. She designed these pieces to be more like "heirloom" pieces that can transcend seasons and time, and just be a stylish choice for any woman, no matter what season it is, or what's "in." Also, lots of the pieces are made locally using sustainable materials, which is great for those fashionistas that are eco-conscious (shouldn't we all be??). 

Check out more of Sonya's line {here}

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Animal Instinct

I've never been one to completely embrace the animal print trend, but it definitely grows on me each season. I'm at a point where I kinda like it, and I kinda don' just depends on the piece.
I love the back of this top though, which is what drew me to it in the first place. I love that it's so open and drapey in the back, but completely demure in the front....not to mention it's made of super light-weight knit, so it never gets hot wearing it.

I'm completely hating the heat wave we're having here right now, but I guess it comes with the territory living in SoCal!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fall Wishlist

fall wishlist

Is it a little too early to start shopping for Fall?....
I must admit I'm a little sick of the hot weather lately, and am actually looking forward to cooler weather. I can't wait to layer up some slouchy sweaters and don some scarves and boots!

I'm definitely behind on the whole armcandy front. I really love the look it gives, but being rather minimalistic when it comes to accessorizing, i don't really have much to stack on my wrist. I'm thinking I need to stock up on some bangles and bracelets sometime soon? And perhaps get myself an Urban Decay Naked/Naked II palette while I'm at it. I've heard nothing but good things about it!

What are your fall must haves?
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